The End is Near?

I was thinking recently, with all the talk and hype about social media these days, I wondered if Integrative Medicine Doctors would consider the following changes in the way they do business:

1. Begin treating people directly on Facebook-Forget the office visits from now on. Facebook is so popular maybe patients will accept adjustments via fan pages? Not sure how the revenue would be from this but who cares, they’ll like your fan page! After all, that’s what pays the bills.

2. Begin turning patients away from your office and insist they meet you on Facebook instead-This is marketing genius in action.

3. Instead of charging your patients for your services, have them simply press the “like” button on your Facebook page. Just direct your investment brokers and bill collectors to your Facebook “like” count, I’m sure they will count this for payment. After all, the value of Facebook “likes” and friends is immense and is better than gold or silver.

4. When someone wants to pay for their visit, don’t take their money, send them a friend request instead. This will explode your income.

What do you think of my suggested changes? Ridiculous as they may seem, with all the docs riding the social media craze, I am hoping that no doctors out there would believe some of these crazy suggestions and stopped reading before I got to the punch line.

Ever since 1998, when I first got involved in offering our Instant Marketing packages, there’s always been a constant stream of the “end is near” unless you do “this” marketing trends. Just fill in the blank (and I’ve seen them all come and go): internet malls (if you remember those, you’re a grunt), list servers, banner ads, flash intros, guest books, ezines, video marketing, payperclick, youtube, bookmarking, ghost sites, keyword farming, and the list goes on and on.)

Our business has lived through all of these, and guess what…even though when each of the methods came out, they were the best thing since sliced bread, some of them still exist. But none of them are “it”. Meaning, none of them deserve your 100% focus and intensity. Many just plain faded away.

I’m not against social media, text messaging, Facebook, etc. and new stuff. I think it’s important to touch all the bases, and they should be done. After all, my company provides these services. However, like the fads in the past, you must avoid the hype and the “overemphasis”. Social media, especially Facebook, comes to mind. Fads typically end up costing docs time, effort and money without a return that matches it.

The problem is, that for some businesses, these fads are 100% of their business. Meaning, the fad is how “they” make their money. Then, what happens is they apply “their” business models to other business models. And even though there is a minor application, it’s taken as if it’s just as applicable. Big mistake.

I see disappointment daily. A doc dumps all is hopes on something such as social media, only to realize that for his business “marketing consistency with the basics” is the key, not any one particular method.

Take any business and eliminate the “basics” and your sunk. From what I can tell after 10 or so years doing this, the basics in building your Integrative Medicine practice is the five fold attack, not an overemphasis on any one. (See our blog for a definition of the four (or sometimes five) fold attack)

Make sure the “basics” of your business are stuck on your fridge at home! Drill them in your head. Don’t be blown around with every marketing wind that comes by. Use the new tactics, but don’t believe the hype and put all your eggs in one basket.

By the way, the basic of all basics is your website. What’s yours doing for you? If your not getting dozens of leads and calls from the Internet each month, please let me give you a demo of the Instant Integrative Wellness Marketing System. It not only does all the “basics” that you need, but it does them “for you” in one swift punch. See it all here.

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