Is Fuzzy Integrative Marketing Math Slowly Killing Your Practice?

Fuzzy math is always due to “fuzzy logic”. When it comes to Integrative Medicine marketing, fuzzy math can be seen in several forms.

Here are a few good examples of “fuzzy Chiropractic marketing math”:

Good search engine rankings PLUS a poorly equipped website EQUALS more new patients! WRONG.

This is based on the false logic of “wishful thinking.” Good search engine rankings will get you nothing but an ego boost without a powerfully equipped website that
captures, follow’s up, and then delivers those visiting from a search engine, into your practice.

(Without a fully equipped website, you might as well redirect your search engine traffic to your competitor’s website, because that’s where they’re going to end up.

Good Social Media PLUS a poorly equipped website EQUALS more new patients! WRONG.

Again, this is what I call living in a marketing “fool’s paradise.” I’ve seen some really good Social Media being done lately. Posts, tweets, feeds, updates,
friends, blah, blah, blah, etc…it all means absolutely nothing if you’re driving the traffic into the middle of the Sahara Desert!

“Saraha Desert” marketing, meaning, if you do all that Social Media work, but you have no capture and follow-up technology that gets the patient into your office, they might as well be getting directed into the desert because that’s how they feel when they land at your website-no offers, no capture, nothing that pops them in the nose and says “act now or you’ll lose”. Get it?

Nice, pretty website PLUS lots of information WILL EQUAL more visitors and patients! WRONG.

All this math problem produces is procrastinating prospects and patients that now have more to think about (as it relates to Integrative Medicine) than they did when they first landed on your website!

Information is good but key information should only be exposed AFTER you capture the prospect’s contact information. Otherwise you are pushing them away from their
first visit into your practice.

Shoveling information into your prospect’s throat will only get them to “think” proposing offers that they want will make them ACT. Make sure your website does
this asap when they visit!

With all that fuzzy math…I’m getting dizzy. ;-)

Let me sum it up with a few questions:

Would you ever place a newspaper ad with no phone number?

Would you ever do a direct mail piece with no contact information?

Would you ever let someone visit your practice without getting their name or speaking to them directly?

If you vehemently answered “NO” to those questions…then I ask you WHY are you doing the very same thing with your website?

The days of digital, information loaded brochures are over. Prospects are smarter.

They can detect unprofessional websites in a second. They bounce off your site in a second when you don’t have the correct marketing tools.

There’s no excuse. You can’t say it’s about your financial situation, because right now, any Integrative Medicine Doctor can afford to get a powerful, professional, marketing juiced,
marketing savvy website with all the Internet patient attraction tools BUILT IN! What are you waiting for?

It’s what we do and it’s all right here.

It’s time to get your website right. As a member, we will transform your tiny web presence into a Integrative Medicine marketing Godzilla! It doesn’t matter if you have no
website, you want a new website or you want to keep your existing site. We make all work without you doing anything.

See our plans here.

Whatever you do, make sure your marketing math gets straightened out and don’t miss out on getting the prospects in your town who are searching actively for Integrative Medicine Doctors, before your competition does.

PS. Overwhelmed with the whole internet marketing thing? When you become a member we hold your hand all the way through. We start with a consultation with
one of our coaches, then we hand craft an attack especially for you and your area. It doesn’t get any easier than this. See here.

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