got the 4-fold attack? Integrative Wellness Internet Marketing

I wanted to explain Integrative Medicine Internet Marketing that you should always keep in your mind when it comes to attracting new patients and building your practice…it’s called the four-fold attack.

It consists of:

Attack #1. SEO

Attack #2. Social media

Attack #3. Email

Attack #4. Offline marketing

Each of these are marketing “methods”, not marketing “components”. You must attack all of these “methods” but in addition, have the proper “components” in place so the methods produce new patients (get it?)

For instance, the result of your four fold attack should have one purpose:Get the prospect into your office! If that does not happen, the four fold attack turns into a “four fold waste”. Many docs I speak to daily, fall one step short: they have good SEO-but no lead capture. They have lead capture: but no email marketing follow up. They do ads: but no offer. They have Social media accounts: but no lead generation.

Let me give you an example with SEO: With our Premium Plan, we now SEO your main city plus three surrounding towns. That means, when someone is seeking a Integrative Medicine Doctor in your town and three surrounding towns…your practice will appear high at the top of the search results.

Yes, this is great and it allows our Premium members to dominate their area…but what would happen if all that traffic went to an information driven, content loaded website which did nothing to capture the leads, follow up with them and make them an offer to come to your office? It would be a waste. It would be a “good attack” with bad marketing components (in this case, a bad website marketing component.)

With all that said, be sure you apply the four fold attack, but make sure you have the marketing components in place to make it work. Otherwise, you’re all dressed up with no place to go. :-)

Our Premium Plan is a Integrative Medicine Doctor’s dream marketing attack with all the dream components in place. If you shop around, you’ll see that what you get with out Premium Plan is now being offered for $1500-$3000 per month by most businesses.

Not only do we give the most comprehensive SEO marketing attack, but we do it for 3 towns, all the top keyword searches (we do an extensive market study of your area) plus hundreds of backlinks, directories, full local directory set up and bookmarking sites.

That’s just the SEO- you also get powerful Social Media, Email marketing and every offline marketing tactic you need. And it’s all done for you. We do all the work.

See it here.

Hopefully this helps you see clearly on what you must do if you want to build your practice and compete with the smart doctors out there that are leveraging these savvy tactics.

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